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To be honest, I never liked what I heard or read about karma before, because it sounded like a lot of scare tactics to try and scare people into “being good”.  Which, ever since I was a kid, never made sense to me. Because if my parents are right, and God is love, then why the heck is all this fear around this concept? So essentially I just stopped listening to whatever people would say and that was that.  At a high level, the idea of karma made sense to me, but I didn’t like the way anyone explained it- it just put me off all together.

But I finally heard a definition I like, or at least an interpretation I like, in Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me.  Well, she kind of talked about her thoughts on the topic, which made me come to my own definition of it.  I think Karma is just the sum of all the things your soul needs to learn.  I do believe we are all here on this earth to learn different things, and that’s the whole reason karma exists- it’s not good or bad, it’s just simply, this is what my soul needs to learn in this life.

I also think there are things that help the soul learn, and things that move the soul towards what it needs to be doing and there are things that move the soul away from what it needs to be doing.  I feel like that is what people currently term “good” karma and “bad” karma.  I don’t think it’s an absolute at all, because in other realms I don’t think judgement exists, it’s a completely human term that helps us…I don’t actually know yet, but I don’t think it’s quite productive.  And for everyone it’s different.  But if the goal of soul realization has to do with love and compassion, then things moving towards that would be something we should probably strive for and things moving away from that are things that aren’t so great.

But I think the kicker is that we shouldn’t do anything based on fear, whatever it is.  Intention is important. Because at the end of the day, we’re going to learn what we need to learn, in whatever shape or form that is.  Which is pretty neat, actually.  It may take the form of crazy things, it may take the form of normal things, but I don’t think I’d like to use the term “good” karma or “bad” karma, just…stuff I need to learn to reach a higher state of consciousness.  

That is all. 

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