If Time Is A Man-Made Concept, Why Is Patience A Virtue?

I think that’s why patience IS a virtue.  To help us understand that time is, in fact, a figment of our imagination.  Something that humans created to help us understand the complexities of life.  In Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me, she talks about how she had a near death experience, and in those moments when she was conscious but not alive, she realized that everything in the universe was happening all at once.  Which, to me, makes sense (in a weird, quantum physics sort of way). I haven’t finished Stephen Hawkings book, A Brief History of Time, but at least the beginning sort of lends itself to support that idea.

Which means that if time is fake, then you’re really not missing out on anything.  You’ll get to it eventually, if not now, then maybe later.  (Which also lends itself to support this idea of “reincarnation“).

And maybe that is what Karma is- a whole lot of unresolved FOMO.  Which is strange as hell, but hey, life is stranger than fiction right?  And maybe that’s why people talk about living in the moment? So we don’t accumulate all these things that we want to be doing with our lives, all this fear that we aren’t…whatever, whatever-ing?

I have huge issues with FOMO, as do a lot of people my age, I think.  But if this is all really what I think it is, then maybe Ekhart Tolle and company is right.  Just focus on making the best damn time right now, because you’ll get to everything eventually. If you stop worrying about it.

Can I help it if I have an overanxious personality? Apparently, I can. Ugh.

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