Project Self Made Millionaire

Project Self Made Millionaire: Update I

I think these should become more regular, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading/interviews/research on this one.  The book I found most helpful was: The Ten Roads to Riches: The Way The Wealthy Got There And How You Can Too.  These are pretty much the only ways people become millionaires:

  1. Start your own business
  2. Become CEO of an existing successful company
  3. Hitch to someone you believe will be really successful and make you rich in the process
  4. Become a celebrity and turn it into wealth
  5. Marry Rich
  6. “Steal It”- meaning sue someone I think
  7. Use other people’s money to make more money
  8. Invest in future revenue streams
  9. Make money through land
  10. Save a lot of money

I thought it was a decently exhaustive list.  I didn’t really even understand a few of them but you can pick up the book if you want.  It’s a…weird read.  The guy has a writing style all his own I must say.  Anyway, for various reasons I pretty much narrowed it down to start your own business.  The other ones seemed more complicated.  I feel like I have to make money somewhere, and I can either start through a job which I have savings and then invest it wisely and well, or take a chance and start your own thing.  For various reasons, I didn’t really consider the other options (although they are pretty good ones).

I did give this a lot of thought, and to me, right now, I feel like I need to take the chance and start another thing.  Mostly because a) it’s the only thing I know b) I’ve already made so many mistakes it HAS to be better the second time around and c) that seems the most interesting.  I also figure I’m still decently young, few responsibilities, and that’s not going to be the situation forever.  May as well try this now.


So now I know the how.  Next post I want to get down to the nitty gritty of the mechanics of this.

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Experiments And Projects for 2017: Updates

Turns out, I actually don’t like all my projects this year (she said as Feb is halfway over…)

It’s ok. I’m not really the person to care about changing things in the middle.  I’ll be more clear about what I want to do this year.

Project Self Made Millionaire: This is currently underway.  I totally read a book on this (updates in a future post) and I have a plan of action.

Project Athlete: I decided I’m chucking this.  I actually don’t care too much about it this year.  I felt like I should care about it, but upon reflection, I really don’t. I don’t really care enough to count calories, which is pretty much what it’ll take to make this happen ( I think, after the research/interviews conducted).  I think I’ll definitely take it up at some point in time, but not 2017.  For now, I’m just going to eat decently, and try to exercise but not die of exhaustion.

Project Helping People is now changed to Project Meeting People.  I’m just trying to meet as many people as I can, both professionally and personally.  I’d also really like to dig deeper with each person I meet, and record these events.  Thinking about them makes me happy and I want to just keep meeting more interesting people doing really cool things.

New Project: Learn Hindi.  I just realized how utterly useless I am in any sort of Indian language.  For various reasons I thought I would start with Hindi, and then once I gain more confidence that yes, I can actually learn a language, I can move on to other languages.  But Hindi is the language of the year.

Anyway, those are the updates.

Project Being An Athlete, Project Help People, Project Self Made Millionaire

Experiments & Projects for 2017

Now that I have the basics down, there’s a few experiments I want to run in 2017.

  • Project Self Made Millionaire: I want to try and become a self made millionaire. Anyone whose assets are worth $1M or more. Cash or otherwise. I’m giving myself 5 years. That’s an arbitrary number. I may reduce it down to 3, but this is the new project I’m launching. Mostly just to see if I can. I hate worrying about money. I want to never worry about money again.


  • Project Being an Athlete: I realize that health has everything to do with how you enjoy life. My new goal is to see what it feels like to be at 18% bodyfat. I’m not sure if I will like it, but you know what, you don’t know until you try. What do I need to do? What new habits do I need? What do I need to give up? Do I need to give up anything? How will I feel afterwards? Who knows. That’s the experiment for 2017.


  • Project Help People: I want to keep track of how many people I help and how I help them. It can be super basic, or it can be big, but I want to see how I can help more people. It makes me happy and it makes the world a better place. It’s a nice thing to do. I want to focus on people who are within my sphere of influence.

Lets start with three projects for the year and see where it goes.