So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Week 9 Wrap up & Week 10

When I go to bookstores, I tend to get distracted and buy really cool books that I start reading right away.  And by really cool, I mean that I spend hours in the business section figuring out which one will help me be a better CEO/increase revenue/create an awesome company.  Yes, this is what I do when I am at the mall nowadays because sometimes shopping for books online is just overwhelming.

Picked up and finished The Five Temptations of A CEO: A Leadership Fable. It was a quick (literally took me a few hours) and decent read.  The main takeaways were:

  • Temptation 1: Choosing Status over results: Is your favorite moment the day you got a raise, or the day your COMPANY actually generated revenue?  If it’s the first, you have a problem.
  • Temptation 2: Choosing Popularity over Accountability:  Always pick having respect over having people like you.
  • Temptation 3: Choosing Certainty over Clarity: Don’t wait too long to make a decision- and make sure you are clear about what directions you give.  You’ll never have perfect information so just…go ahead and make a decision already!
  • Temptation 4: Choosing Harmony over Productive Conflict: This was the most interesting takeaway.  Basically, it’s GOOD to have people who don’t agree with you, and its good to voice those opinions.  It would be almost insane if everyone agreed with you all the time.  It’s important to let dissent/other opinions get voiced so you make the best decision possible
  • Temptation 5: Choosing Invulnerability over Trust: Basically, you’re not perfect and you make mistakes. Admit it, and that way you become vulnerable and build trust with your team.

Halfway Through this month’s Harvard Business Review

Started Reading Lead, Sell, Or Get Out of The Way– really good so far, but I’m not very far in.  A lot of it is common sense, but I’ll see if there are any good nuggets in there.  It got great reviews.

Started Reading Harvard Business Review on Bringing Your Whole Self to Work.  It’s also really good so far.  It is basically scientific proof that we should really prioritize sleeping, eating, and exercising.  I usually feel guilty for doing a lot of those things, but this book is helping me see that really, it’s the most productive and efficient use of my time.

75% done with Venture Deals, and 10% done with Leading With the Heart. I’ve also added The 4 Hour Work Week to the list because some of the things in there seem really interesting and a little out there, which is always good to read.

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