Strictly Non Veg

I kind of love this expression that people use in India.  It’s similar to the way we use Kosher in the US.  Either as  actually a type of approved food, or as a slang way of saying it’s ok.

Strictly non veg= Not Kosher

I’m pretty convinced that most of the world, me and you included, operate in this category.  You’re probably appalled- no way Anu!  I’m such a good person. I do everything right.  Sure.  But the thing is, everyone’s perception of Kosher and not Kosher life choices, veg and non veg life choices, is totally and completely different.  And the more you see in the world, the more you realize that everything is relative.  So in at least one part of the world, somewhere out there, your seemingly kosher/veg life choices are probably a total sin/the worst non veg thing you could ever do.  And you would never even know it.  That’s how varied the world is.  That’s how diverse we are as a planet.  Crazy right?

The problem is that most people in the world have a stick up their butt about these things.  Mainly because everyone swears that they are right, and there is no way that anything else could even be possible.  Which, looking at that logically, is INSANE.  HOW can one view be right for everything?  It’s like saying…everyone should wear Levi 501 Original Button Fly Straight Leg Jeans (dark stone wash) and the Old Navy Hunter Green Basic Tee because it’s the best outfit out there for EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.  If someone came and announced that, we would all think they were crazy.  Because they would be.  But when it comes to ideas and opinions, that’s what most people think.

Which is what has made me come to the conclusion that most people are insane.  And I’m talking 99.99% of the population.   So I  just assume that most people in the world have already taken the insanity plea, so they can’t be charged for other misdemeanors, like meanness, slander and emotional manslaughter (which stem from…well…insanity).

And, in the end, lets not pretend here.  We all operate in the non veg category.

And once we accept that, we can all join hands, sing (the non veg version of) Kumbiya, and be non veg friends together.

2 thoughts on “Strictly Non Veg”

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