So Good They Can't Ignore you

So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Week 8 Wrap Up & Week 9

I finished The Kobe Code, am 60% of the way done with Venture Deals, and I added another book to the list which I finished: I Moved Your Cheese.

The Kobe Code was actually pretty good (barring the terrible English).  There were a lot of times I thought the author was just trying to take up space, but besides that it was a decent read.  I would actually say that Kobe Bryant is much more relatable than Michael Jordan.  I actually think I can do what he does.  Michael Jordan is kind of epically crazy.  But it’s good to have that too I suppose.

I Moved Your Cheese got really good reviews and it’s a quick read.  Basically, the gist of it is something like: we’re all in a maze.  First notice that you’re in a maze, then you can leave the maze.  And if you get really good at the whole zen thing, you’ll realize that the maze is all in your head.  I think I just summarized the book.  It’s interesting the way he tells it, but I”m not sure it was all that amazing and revolutionary.  But maybe I’m just biased.

Progress: I’ve actually seen myself get better and more detail oriented.  We made a 2 minute video and I was very proud of the work that I did on it.  Given the amount of time I had, I think I did a pretty good job- especially at the end when I really just wanted to be done with it.  But I made all the changes that needed to be made- despite the feeling of oh man why can’t this just be over!

Reading list:

This week, I plan on finishing (God I really hope I actually finish!) Venture Deals. It’s incredibly dense and tends to give me a headache if I’m not in exactly the right mood to read it.  I also plan on Reading this months’ Harvard Business Review, along with a book on coaching- Leading with the Heart: Coach K’s Successful Strategies for Basektball, Business, and Life.    I think that business and basketball are really closely related, and since basketball is something I understand, I figure if I read enough about it, I’ll learn how to apply the same principles of success to business.  I’ll probably think about that one more and write about it.  But anyway, that’s this week’s reading list

I think I’m giving up trying to program for now.  I could be doing that, but all the other things I could be doing somehow seem more important.  I could be wrong, but that’s the decision for this month.

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