When Atlas Shrugs

It’s amazing what happens when you get sick.  I’m shocked at how many things fall through the cracks.  Which, to be fair, is more a commentary on how many things that are going on simultaneously (obviously not on auto pilot).  I guess I’m proud, but also horrified at what would happen if I was really out for extended periods of time.

Actually, it’s less about that, and more about I don’t have the luxury of just..getting sick anymore.  I have to be proactive about being sick.  Which means that I need to take an hour to close out all the things on the calendar and cancel meetings, as needed, before I check out.  Sickness isn’t just…getting sick.  It’s closing out things to take a break and recover.

It’s crazy.  I guess it’s called growing up and having responsibilities and such.

Life eh?

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