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Current Obsessions: Vol I

Since I have life ADD, I thought it would be interesting to document (in a more organized fashion) the things that are currently trending in my life.  At least what I think about in the little free time I have.

1.  Understanding People: Now that I’ve spent a good chunk of time here in India, I’ve realized just how diverse this country is.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like growing up in a Bengali family, or a Punjabi family for that matter (so ridiculously different from my own upbringing).  Which made me realize, holy crap if the same country is that diverse, what about the rest of the world?  Places I want to learn more about: The Middle East (general region, but more specifically Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran), each country in Africa (Because it’s awful that I just say “Africa” instead of referring to a specific country- also my friend is living in Nairobi and I want to check it out), Ireland (leprechauns, accents, Celtic tradition, and general green-ness), Bali (yeah, I want to see if the medicine men are actually real!)

2.  Coffee & Tea: I never used to drink the stuff, but now I sort of love it. I want to learn all about how it’s sourced, where it comes from, the different types, and anything else that is relevant (especially since I live in India and I can visit these coffee and tea estates!)

3.  Dance:  I.love.it.  Contemporary Indian = amazing.  I want to keep going to classes and watching performances

4.  Feminist Indian literature: I think it’s interesting how voices in India change from region to region.  I think most of the stuff I have read, written by women, have been written by Bengali women (surprise surprise), so now I’m trying to expand my horizons.  I’m reading this book written by a Tamil dalit woman (crazy, right?) and it’s really fascinating.  Now I’m going to comb through my favorite used book store in Bangalore, Blossoms, and find good writing from different regions of India.

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