I Like My Chai Just So, And Other Peculiarities

I really do like my chai just so.  I don’t know if anything can beat waking up on a sunny Sunday morning, steaming cup of chai in one hand (made just the way you like it) and wonderful novel in the other.  Current world I’m traveling to: Kerala and the land of Kamala Das

I also enjoy making chai for my maids.  I suppose the inequality of class, socio-economic levels, education, geography still gets to me here in India, and making chai for them is my way of saying I’m sorry that there is nothing I can do about the rest of the world, but  I can make you some of my favorite tea that we will both drink together.  I don’t know if that message is lost in translation, but their smiles tell me that they, at the very least, like Red Label masala chai (recipe compliments of my very dear friend and NextDrop Co-Founder, Emily Kumpel).

I usually detest staying out late and actively avoid large social situations that make you interact with people who you have never met, the only exception being if you are surrounded by people that inspire you and make you become a better person.  Then it is worth it.

I have a hypothesis that the key to ultimate happiness is not in the big things, because most of the time they are out of your control, but by treating them as added bonuses to the real value in life- the small, daily occurrences that mostly go unnoticed.

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