Life Goals

Random Things I’m Currently Obsessing Over

Obsessing over may be a strong word.  More like things that pique my interest

1.  Paris. I now want to visit Paris.  I think it started with reading The Paris Wife a while ago (great book by the way), and then watching Midnight In Paris, and then my failed attempt at actually trying to read about Paris via Earnest Hemmingway (I got through 10 pages of A Moveable Feast and then I quit), and then getting ripped off in Mumbai by buying a year old Vogue India (at retail price from a kid off the street) but reading about French fashion during the 1970’s (I never thought about what PARIS would be like during the era of disco!), and also randomly subscribing to this blog called The Purple Foodie (wherein this Indian woman talks about her life in Paris and all the amazing things she makes while she is living there) and buying really cool cushion covers with an Eifel tower print for my new house (they looked so amazing!).  So now, I just really want to go visit.  It’s this mysterious place that I really want to see! I feel like there is a lot of culture to absorb.  I would like to absorb it.

2.  BSE SENSEX, and Nifty India: Yes, I’ve recently realized that there are ways to make money besides just drawing a salary.  (Welcome to the real world right?)  I now just want to figure out how to make money  in the Indian stock market (BSE SENSEX and Nifty India).  Is it because I want to become really rich?  Not really.  I just want to see if I can do it. It’s more like a challenge.  I want to learn about the financial world and see what all the raucous is about.  I have to look up almost all the words that I see when I read about financial things, but I think it’s pretty neat.  It’s what makes the world go round right?  I’ve purchased the (hopefully) dummies guide to investing- a book called The Intelligent Investor, so I’m hoping that serves as my primer.

3.  Heaven and Home:  I have discovered Indian Online shopping Mecca.  I love this site.  Granted I have only bought one thing, it’s still really fun to look at everything, imagine it in your house, and know that if you REALLY wanted it, you could have it (within 18-24 working days).  Yeah the wait time is not so hot, but considering I don’t have to travel anywhere to get this stuff, I’m ok with it. My pillowcases should be arriving in a few more days! Super stoked!

4.  Ireland:  After I saw the movie Leap Year, I decided I want to go visit.  It looks gorgeous, and I love the Irish accent.  I want the Irish accent.  I wish I had the Irish accent.  That’s about it.

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