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Money is a game

Photo Courtesy of Emma Matthews

I have been fascinated with things that this dude Grant Cardone says. But I think I like the idea that making money is a game and you just have to learn how to play the game. I don’t think any of us are really taught how to play that game.

I played the lets build a tech startup game. I didn’t like that game too much. I don’t really want to play that game again anytime soon. But what’s really interesting is the micro and small business game. Maybe it’s interesting to me because it’s new. I will have to relearn everything I thought I knew because I think in this game the rules are all different. But it’s fun to start from scratch. The good thing is that I have nothing to lose, and lots to gain. I want to create a crash course for myself in micro and small business (building them). I think that would be fun. The other caveat is that I have to start with little or no money. That’s also an interesting constraint.

But I think it’s possible. Actually I know it’s possible because I’m reading about so many people already doing it. Which is inspiring. It’s not rocket science. We’ve all probably done harder things in life. I think it’s just committing to it and trying a bunch of things that probably won’t work, until something clicks. And that’s called the reality of the world.

Let the games begin.

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