Life, Life Goals

Trying to do everything RIGHT NOW

Photo courtesy of Marcus Winkler

Does anyone else have this terrible habit of trying to do everything, finish everything, think of everything, right then and there. Not tomorrow, everything should be done NOW! TODAY! Which is really strange because if you think about it, there’s mostly no good reason why.

I know we’re always told that now is better than later, but sometimes, is later actually better? For example, I mean a plant doesn’t instantaneously grow from a seed to an adult. It takes time. Same for people. But why this pressure to complete everything now? What’s with all the life FOMO?

Sometimes I just want to finish something because I think when I do, I’ll feel so much better. Sometimes I’m right. But other times I actually think it’s better to leave it, think about it, talk to other people about it, and do it the next day.

It’s hard finding the right balance between right now and maybe later.

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