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Asking more powerful questions

Photo Courtesy of Junior Ferreira

I feel like I’ve heard so many people talk about this in slightly different ways, and even in different contexts. Some people call it asking $3 questions vs. $3M questions (business people). I the more spiritual world, I’ve heard people refer to it as asking “more empowering questions” to the Universe. Either way, there’s a lot of smart people saying something similar, which means that there’s probably something to this concept.

I’ve been trying to practice that around me too. Instead of asking “why don’t I have enough for *insert some goal or desire here ” I want to ask “What would it take for me to *insert big idea here*”. Even in the business context, when I went through Y Combinator, I think mentors played a critical role in asking the right questions. For example, a classic question was always, “What would it take to accomplish your 10 year plan in 3 years”? It’s less about actually doing it, but more about realising what are the limiting factors to success, and focusing on those. Or sometimes it’s about just asking for the right resources to accomplish your 10 year plan in 3 years- I mean why not if it’s possible?

I think asking better questions helps us see more possibilities in the world. It helps us think beyond ourselves and imagine something bigger.

Because I believe that if you can dream it you can do it.

I think a lot of time the problem is really dreaming big enough, and figuring out what resources you need to make that happen.

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