“Wow you were definitely the dorkiest of your cousins, weren’t you”- observations by my very sensitive husband

Why yes. Yes I was.  Here’s the thing.  I love getting older.  You know why? Because I think over the years I get less dorky looking.  (Personal opinion). Now it’s not that anything really happens to me, but it’s more that I learn about things like MAKEUP and PRODUCT.  You know. For your face and hair and stuff.  (YouTube is life changing, I’m just saying.)

Now I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t these basic things every woman knows? Well, this is coming from someone who had their first legit boyfriend at 28 so you know.  Who knows what the rules are when it comes to that.  I am pretty sure I didn’t realize I was a female (i.e. different from males) for the longest time.  Like oh I guess there’s this thing called BIOLOGY that makes certain humans different than others.  It’s mostly irritating but you know, whatever.  I suppose I will have to deal with it. FINE.  Moving on in life.

But then life happens and you know. Things change.  You learn about tutorials on YouTube.  You find out that wow, skincare is actually kind of fun and awesome.  You learn about CONCEALER (holy crap it’s amazing).

And then you bring your husband to your house and he comments on your dork-hood.  There’s no disagreements here. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s weird.  It’s kind of like…the best days are yet to come, you know? If somehow I miraculously look better at 32, what if I can magically be even better at 45? What if that can be a thing? 

Who’s to say it can’t?

New life goals.

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