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Unemployed While Being Single vs. Being Married

Well, as the title may suggest, I may or may not find myself being unemployed at this current moment in life.  I also find myself newly married, and so, this is the first time I’m actually being a married unemployed woman.  There are a few key differences:

Being Single and Unemployed:

Usually, I would have to be living off of my ever so gracious Indian parents.  Mainly on their couch.  And I would have to explain to the world why a self respecting (insert any age over 25 here) year old does not generate enough income to survive on their own.  There usually is no good reason for this, other than, who made these rules and which contract did I sign which said I would adhere to said rules?! It’s just not fun. There’s a lot of self loathing and unpleasantness associated with the whole thing.  This is mostly speaking from personal experience here.

Being Married and Unemployed:

It is surprising how a piece of paper telling the world you now have a husband makes such a difference.  Literally same situation, but this time, I don’t have to bum on parentals couch.  But you know, my own.  Except. EXCPET.  The way people treat you. SO DIFFERENT.  When I told my mother that I was leaving my job I expected normal questions like oh. Do you have enough money to survive? What are you going to do next? Are you looking at anything now? But no.  You know what happens when you’re married and an unemployed woman? Your family gets EXCITED that you’re not working.  I think this must be an Indian parent thing.  Because you know what? Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. You need to have babies now.  Now you don’t have this pesky thing called work in the way you can get to your real job of BEING A BABY MAKING MACHINE.  And you can FINALLY get to your real job of making a home, making sure your husband is happy, and getting the womb ready to make little humans.

And then they encourage you to never work again.

This is what my life is today. Yay unemployment. Yay marriage.

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