Things I Thought I Would Have Figured Out By 30

I somehow thought life was supposed to fall into place by 30.  Like you knew exactly who you were, and what you were doing.  For as long as we both shall live. I did.  But no.  Turns out the more you learn about life the more you’re like…wtf.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS THING I CALL MY LIFE?!?! According to the latest research, I probably have another 50 years of this thing left.  It’s like this giant empty canvas, waiting for some color. Apparently, that’s supposed to be my job.  The canvas painter. It is assumed that I’m some sort of artist.  We are all some sort of artist.  So they say.  But whoever said that never saw my art. I probably failed coloring in kindergarten.  I hated the lines.  It’s like oh hey color inside of them and I’m like…but WHY.  And why does hair have to be YELLOW why can’t it be PURPLE. And sky? That shit should be GREEN. Obviously.

And when everyone is asking you so are you going to live in India or the US, are you going to give up your US citizenship, is your husband going to become American, what is up with your company, what do you actually do- really though.  I have no answers.  Mainly because I want to say look, I don’t even know where I’m going to be a month from now (I think I’m booking tickets to the US, but who knows), I have a feeling water is important, I’m trying to figure out where we as a company fit into this grand scheme of the world, and right now I’m obsessed with short hair, nude Steve Madden flats, and Ted Baker skirts but I may hate them next month, lets see.

They call women fickle.  They call millennials entitled.   Apparently according to the news (which could be fake, who knows) I fall in both of these categories.  Woman, and millennial.  Does that make it my identity?  That’s such a loaded word.  IDENTITY.  I don’t even know what that means.

When in doubt starting from first principles is usually a good idea.  The fundamental truths, of what I think to be true.

Which are: I am human (according to the latest reports), I think love is important (so says every religion and spiritual guide ever), and feeling connected in some way shape or form to other humans is a big deal.

Other than that, I’m answering the rest of it as I go.  On the road to 40. I guess.


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