When Your Parents Don’t Believe You’re Engaged.

First of all, who in the hell would lie about something like that.  I mean really.  It’s not exactly something that would play out well for me.  Oh we’re engaged.  When’s the wedding?  When can we meet the guy? Oh…you were just messing with us? Those pictures of your “boyfriend” you’ve been sending us for the past 2 years have been photoshopped? You mean you HIRED someone to go on vacation with you and your cousins last month? You mean you’ve been making up this elaborate ruse about this guy named “Sumit” for the past 2 years?

I KNEW IT.  Called it.

Seriously.  WTF PEOPLE.

Ok ok I will say that yes we don’t exactly have a traditional story.  Did we decided to get married over a Whatsapp conversation in between, “Hey, I think someone might be suing me” and, “Oh that sucks. Yeah I was looking at our credit card debt. Not fun. We should talk about that. You know what else? We should get married. Yeah? Good idea, no? But also, we should really talk about our financial planning I’m just saying.”

Yes. That did happen.

And luckily Whatsapp invented the “Reply To” feature, so it is very clear that he was saying yes not to the financial planning conversation but the lets get married conversation. But still.


Another thing could just be that my parents do not believe that I would actually be getting married.  To a human man.  I think maybe my mom is in shock and my dad is in denial.  Either way it ends with the same conclusion.  YOU’RE NOT ENGAGED.

The best part was when I asked, ok.  When do YOU think I’m engaged.  They had no idea.  Some ideas that were thrown around were…when you get a ring.  Another one was…maybe when they meet his family.  All very vague here.  Nothing concrete.

Which begs the question.  WTF are people going on about with engagements and rings and things.  Lets just be married and get on with it.

Except parties. We should have a party.  Mainly because…I mean, who doesn’t like a good time.  If we want to call that a “wedding”…fine.  That’s cool.  Lets do that.

But this whole situation is very perplexing.  I’m just saying.




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