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How I Got Engaged

I think a lot of people don’t believe I’m engaged because I don’t have a ring.  Which, let me tell you, has blown my mind.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE jewelry.  Especially the big, bling-y kind.  (Sumit, if you are reading this, you are always always always allowed to get me jewelry.  This is me being subtle about it.  In fact, in an attempt for me to be subtle about this, let me put a link to the current rings I’m obsessing over – see here for reference).

Anyway glad I got that out of the way.  Oh wait.  Another thing. I LOVE SURPRISES.  I mean, obviously the good kind.  Not the terrible kind.  Like oh yeah your car got stolen.  That’s a shitty surprise. Or oh the food you thought you had in the fridge which you were going to eat for lunch has fungus on it and it’s not even small enough to just cut off and eat the rest of it (don’t judge- you know you do that too).  All very shitty surprises.  Not a fan of those.  (Also, note to Sumit, if you are reading this, you are ALWAYS allowed to give me good surprises.  Like oh I wrote a song for you or oh we’re going on this amazing vacation or…you know.  Whatever.  I won’t limit your creativity here).

So now that I’ve established my love of good surprises and bling-y rings, I still don’t understand why a combination of both of those is necessary to get engaged.  Literally society doesn’t believe you’re engaged if you don’t have both of those things.  WHY IS THAT?!  If two people decide hey, lets spend the rest of our lives together, why isn’t that enough? Do you have to give a ring to your best friend to ensure you’re both going to be best friends forever? I mean yes, we did that as 90’s children, but beyond the 5th grade, are we still into that stuff?

If a woman is really impatient and is like god why aren’t we married yet what is WRONG WITH YOU and then she is in the US and her boyfriend is in India and then she just Whatsapps him and says hey I think we should get married, will you marry me, I think it’s a great idea, and he’s like…yeah.  That’s a good idea lets do it.  Why isn’t that enough? That may or may not have been how this engagement happened.  And then I asked if that means we’re engaged, and then he’s like…you really want this to be how we’re engaged and I said no, but secretly I”m like…who the F cares as long as we move this thing along?!  (Sumit, again, please see the above- if you REALLY want to actually propose to me PLEASE FEEL FREE ESPECIALLY IF IT INVOLVES BLING, but again, I’m KIND of over it so maybe you can just throw me a surprise birthday party or something.  I don’t know.) But anyway.

That’s kind of how it happened.  But it is important to note that I did meet his dad and he bought me these BEAUTIFUL earrings that are pretty much worth more than my net worth right now (which is not saying much since I currently have $30 in my bank account but still).  And he was super duper nice.  Except I couldn’t say much because I didn’t speak all that much Hindi, and he didn’t speak that much English, but still.  He was really awesome.

And our families are meeting at the end of December which is pretty cool.  To figure out how this wedding is going to happen.   Which will be REALLY interesting because….well….lets just say my part of India is very different from his part of India.  Which, to be fair, should make for really interesting content.

AND thus begins a new saga.

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