It’s Weird When Things Are Un-Sucky

Like when it’s been so shitty for so long and suddenly you look back and you’re like…huh.  Things are significantly less shitty than before.  THAT IS POSSIBLE?! (I mean, you read stories about it, but…IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING TO ME OMG THIS IS AMAZEBALLS SHOULD I BE IN VEGAS I’M TOTALLY WINNING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW).

We have a new company that’s up and running and we are actually getting customers and making money which is a really good thing, turns out.  We got an OFFICE  and have people working with us, which I feel like makes things pretty official.  Sometimes I get PTSD and completely melt down and freak out, but then I just go home and eat ice cream and watch a few hours of trashy TV and I feel better.

I’m getting married. Holy crap, yes that’s happening.  Sometime vaguely next year.  But families are meeting and ish in December, YIKES.

I’m not completely broke either which is great.  I”M TAKING A VACATION TO THAILAND AND CAMBODIA! I mean my cousin totally scored us amazing hotel rates which made everything a lot better, but I’m still stoked.  I GET TO SEE THE LITTLE NEPHEWS (who apparently now are not so little).

I felt like a random life update like that was in order.  I also have writers block so…I think writing something is better than nothing.

All right. Have a great day.




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