Life Goals

Random Thoughts on What To Plan Vs. What I Can’t Plan

I’ve realized that life itself is really hard to plan.  I liked what my friend Eve said in a comment on the last post- goals.  Goals are important.  My cousin echoed that and gave more clarity on what sorts of goals we can have.  1 year, 3 year,  5 year.  I don’t really know what the 5 year ones are yet, but 1 and 3 seem doable in my head.

But I also realized that goals aren’t planning.  Goals don’t tell you how to do something- they tell you what you want to achieve to make your life meaningful.  They’re also not really binary- even if you only achieve 70% of your goal, that’s still usually pretty great.

Planning is different.  Plans are binary.  They either happened or they didn’t. For example.  I planned my entire day last night.  Nothing went according to plan.  I may still be on track to achieve my goals, but my plans have failed.

I think, the sad truth is that most of us are poor planners.  I’m only saying that because I feel like I am a poor planner (and I also read this article that said as much).  I realize that I didn’t schedule in half the things that I feel are important (sleep, talking to friends, catching up on emails, reading, blogging, eating-yes I started scheduling those too).

Another thought- my excessive planning needs to be diverted to achieving goals.  Goals in work and goals in life.  And getting to be a better planner on how to achieve my goals (and also how to use my time) is going to be key.

Time as a currency.  Being able to understand time.  I feel like there’s something there that I’m missing.

Happy Friday



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