Project Being An Athlete, Project Help People, Project Self Made Millionaire

Experiments & Projects for 2017

Now that I have the basics down, there’s a few experiments I want to run in 2017.

  • Project Self Made Millionaire: I want to try and become a self made millionaire. Anyone whose assets are worth $1M or more. Cash or otherwise. I’m giving myself 5 years. That’s an arbitrary number. I may reduce it down to 3, but this is the new project I’m launching. Mostly just to see if I can. I hate worrying about money. I want to never worry about money again.


  • Project Being an Athlete: I realize that health has everything to do with how you enjoy life. My new goal is to see what it feels like to be at 18% bodyfat. I’m not sure if I will like it, but you know what, you don’t know until you try. What do I need to do? What new habits do I need? What do I need to give up? Do I need to give up anything? How will I feel afterwards? Who knows. That’s the experiment for 2017.


  • Project Help People: I want to keep track of how many people I help and how I help them. It can be super basic, or it can be big, but I want to see how I can help more people. It makes me happy and it makes the world a better place. It’s a nice thing to do. I want to focus on people who are within my sphere of influence.

Lets start with three projects for the year and see where it goes.

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