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Stuff Usually Doesn’t Work On The First Try

I think we read a lot about the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world and think of ourselves as failures if the first thing we try to do doesn’t work out.  I may be generalizing, but I’ll say this- I felt like shit for a long time.  I thought I wasn’t cut out to run a business (insert a million different reasons ranging from I’m a woman to it’s not my personality to I’m not the right type of Indian).

Turns out, all of that is a lot of horseshit.  There’s a lot of things I was doing wrong. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cut out to do this thing called running a business.  It just means I was doing a lot of things wrong. And apparently, so do most successful people.  They start out doing a lot of things wrong.  But what makes them successful is they say ok. I am going to fix all these things that I did wrong. And try again. To make it right.  It’s actually that simple.

You just have to have the courage, resilience, persistence, I’m-ok-with-taking-a-lot-of-shit-ness, to keep on going on.

So now, I can start to do a lot of things right.  I have some debt to pay back which was racked up along the way. Hazard of business I suppose. But it’ll feel super good when it is paid back. I’ll feel like an all star.

And that is the plan. Make a new business. Pay back my debt. Make some money. Change the world.

Ok, back to reading Purple Cow.  Fantastic read, by the way.

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