Life is Like Technology: It’s What You Do With It

I was listening to this podcast on the Tim Ferriss Show (interview with Seth Godin) and I realized something profound.  He mentioned in the beginning that we keep track of the wrong things, why do we keep track of all the times we’ve been rejected? Why do we keep track of all the things that went wrong? Why do we do that to ourselves? Life is just a bunch of events and data points, and it’s all how our mind chooses to perceive it.  The whole half empty or half full thing.  So if we keep tracking the things that went wrong of course we’ll think life is shit.  Why wouldn’t I think life is shit?

He has inspired me to start a “Things That Made Me Happy” Journal.  Either things that went right, really cool things, things people did that made me happy, or things I did for myself. Whatever.  But I’m choosing not to think life is shit. I’m choosing to see the best in it.

And now I have a whole journal to look back on and prove my point.

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