My Life Is A Poem

I was listening to a podcast with that title this weekend and it made me reconsider my life as I know it.  I like the idea of poetry because it negates the need to be linear, or even logical to the eye of the beholder.  Logic and beauty lies in the imagination of the creator, and the few who choose to deem the poem beautiful.  It never is meaningful to the entirety of a population, and it was never intended to be so.  The purpose of poetry which is the purpose of art which is the purpose of a creative is to create something that they find meaningful, beautiful, and representative of their own voice and ideas.  Their own purpose, their own devices.

My poem begins with the end, and circles back to discover the ways to make that reality happen.  Throughout that journey, other narratives and themes unfold, almost as a byproduct, but then happen to be potentially the center of the poem. Love and fear, right and wrong,  responsibility and freedom.

It’s a work in progress, and may never be complete.

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