Life Is A Cosmic Joke Miracle

Hanging out with old roommates and friends from San Francisco throw it back for me to a time when I feel like I had a better grasp of how to handle life.  Which was to take nothing seriously at all.  Let me rephrase that.  Not to take anything too seriously.  Especially my own life as it relates to me.  Things people said/did, events that did or did not happen to me- whatever.  It’s gravy baby.  

I added the miracle part recently though.  I’ve realized that wow.  The things that happen every day, that we take for granted, are actually incredibly miraculous.  It’s insane that we all get up in the morning, alive and well, and that we have the power of choice to create the life we want.  Don’t even get me started on how insane nature is.  Blows my mind.

Hence the cosmic joke miracle.  I think the events that happen to us, the things that people say/do that we tend to react to and get under our skin, make us feel shitty (or whatever), that stuff- less serious.  The miracle bits- those things we should take way more seriously that are the small daily things that we’re like wow maybe I should stop and smell the roses (both literally and figuratively) more, appreciate what I’ve got, how much we’ve done, who we have in our lives, take stock of today.  Damn.  That’s a lot.  And that is way more serious than anything else, I think.  


Have a great cosmic joke miracle day.  

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