Do The Right Thing #Startup

The Do The Right Thing test is pretty straightforward: do the right thing so you can sleep at night.  If you can’t sleep at night, you’re failing the test.

If you’re doing anything right, you’ll come to a few crucial moments when you know this is the time you can choose to do the right thing, or the thing that makes life (and maybe business) easier now.  It is incredibly tempting to do the easy thing.  Or do the thing that makes business today better.  And a lot of important people may say that this is how business is done.  This is the way you have to run your business because everyone before you ran business that way.

But I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe that you can’t do the right thing and make a successful business.

And I think it takes a few people who decide to do the right thing to set the precedent and show that you really can do the right thing, and do good business.



1 thought on “Do The Right Thing #Startup”

  1. Totally!, Just like how you believe that you are not the same person you were 5 minutes ago and the way we react to the same situation is different from each time it is presented to us. The “right thing” in a business is not a constant and it is variable with reference to Economy of your business, State of mind of the people to accept or appreciate your decision, target consumers, ability of the consumer. Only thing that can be absorbed from any business person is the inspiration. Especially in your startup, you know it better than any other business person. Ultimately, It’s not that you don’t do the right thing and do a successful business. It is that you don’t do the stereotyped “right thing” considering the variables in your Business.



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