I Get Knocked Down (And I Get Knocked Down Again) #startup

That cliche/adage 2 steps forward, 1 step back is so true.  Except in the startup world, it’s more 2 steps forward, 5 steps back.  And then you make a lateral move 3 spaces, so that you’re in a different spot than you were last week. Same level, but at least a different spot.

I think that’s what a startup is about. It’s about how many punches can you withstand.  Literally that’s it.  I think of a boxing match (mostly from the 3 movies I’ve watched about it which clearly makes me the expert).  But it always seems to be the underdog just needs to keep waiting, defending, taking the punches, and just make sure not to get KO’d.  And then they need to keep their strength to make their move.  Defend, defend, defend, offensive (powerful).  So it’s like 5 steps back for every 1 powerful step forward.

I feel like that’s what it is right now.  Holding the ground, planning the next move while the punches keep hitting you.

I suppose that’s where you get the term keep your eye on the prize.  Because that’s the only thing keeping you from falling all the way over.

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