Stress Ghosts and Posture

Have you ever seen that horror movie I forgot which one, but the American one that was a Japanese remake and at the end we realize the dude has a ghost sitting on his back the whole time? (Ok yes, maybe I just described every horror movie ever made ever).  But yes. That’s what I’ve realized my stress is.  A stress ghost, weighing down on my back.  I’ve named her Elvira.

Because as I was working out this morning and I was thinking about wow, how come my posture isn’t as good as it was a week and a half ago, it can’t be muscle deterioration already, and I realized Jesus.  It’s because I literally feel weight on my back. It takes actual effort to keep it straight because of the weight of the stress ghost.  It also constricts my breathing, not in a panic attack sort of way, but more in a, I know I’m not getting all the oxygen I can right now sort of way.  

Which is quite shocking when you think about it.  What other physical manifestations of stress are there in our lives that we don’t even know about?

Anyway. Damn you Elvira.

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