Hip Hop Is My Past- Fusion Is My Future #Startup

I’ve always loved a good narrative.  Listening to stories I’ve never heard before from people that need to tell them.  If you really listen hard, hip hop is about overcoming struggle to achieve something in life.  I’ve always felt like the underdog and I always felt like I had something to prove.  I love it, and I always draw inspiration from it.  Especially when things get tough.  It’s gritty, there’s hustle, and the struggle is beautiful

But hip hop is one piece of me.  Now that it’s been 4 years, it’s time to up the game.  To truly be great, you can’t just master the hustle.  Incorporating more layers, and mastering other art forms is the name of the game.

I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but I do know that the future is fusion.  Drawing inspiration from as many things, places, and people as possible.  Learning is the key, and incorporating into new habits is how you make it to the top.

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