Cool Is Such A Relative Term

I know people say that, (ok maybe nobody says that) but I haven’t really thought about it until recently.  (And by recently I mean maybe 5 seconds ago).

What the hell are we all on about anyway? If we’re trying to reach some arbitrary standard that changes every 5 seconds (and by 5 seconds I mean maybe 2 generations, and hopping geographies), how the hell is anyone realistically supposed to get there?  Someone cool in America would potentially be such a loser in India (except if they were white, then they’d just be an easy mark), and take someone who is hot shit over here and transplant them somewhere else and who knows what will happen.

I guess I am pissed because now, when I FINALLY have a chance to think about how to be a cool kid (Yes I know, 15 years late, better late than never right?), I realize…what’s the point? Because I have to ask myself the question- cool…where?

Which then begs the question that every teenage drama tries to depict.  Maybe you just need to do a damn good job of being you, and as long as you are happy, maybe that’s the only real thing we can really measure.


Are you happy now? God. Now I just need to get on trying to be me. UGH.

Fine. I’ll do it already. Jesus Christ.

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