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Your Body Is A Temple, My Body Is A Temple, Too Bad None Of Us Go To Church #Fitness

Isn’t it funny? That expression?  I mean, does anyone you know still regularly go to church? Or temple? (Not by force, by choice I mean).  I could be wrong, but I feel like that meant a lot more maybe 20 years ago.

Because I think we treat our bodies like absolute shit.  Usually.  On purpose too.  We’re mean to it, we don’t treat it right, we starve it, sleep deprive it, work it until it can’t work anymore.  I mean would you do that to Jesus? Or Krishna? Or Buddha? Or whatever temple you believe in? If your body really is a temple, most of us are downright sacrilegious.

Food for thought.

Anyway, I realized a few things after taking a break from exercise:

  • Zumba is my favorite form of cardio. Hands down.  It also doubles as a leg sculpting workout if you have the right instructor.  Which I found today. Yay.
  • Yoga is NOT for cardio, so skip the power yoga.  It’s really frustrating if you try to make it double for cardio.  You’re never happy, which..sort of defeats the purpose of yoga.  I like hatha yoga and how it lengthens/stretches your body, and I think it’s important.  It makes me sweat, but it also elongates.  I have no proof of this, but I think it releases tension stored in the muscles. In my head it does at least.
  • Weights are still awesome, but I can’t figure out how to build it into my rotation. I may just focus on arms and abs for weights and let Zumba and yoga work my legs. Maybe. My problem is that I usually either get to do something in the evenings with people or work out.  So…tough call.

Anyway, getting back on the proverbial fitness horse.  It feels pretty good, not gonna lie.

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