The Idea of God and Faith: #Startup

This book I am reading made a really interesting observation: our ancestors were way more comfortable with the notion of destiny, God, and fate than I think we are today.  I mean look at the American currency: In God We Trust.  Printed on the financial backbone of the global economy.  

The book goes on to argue that in this day and age, we think we can change everything. We think that everything should be the way we’d like it to be.  And I find it hard to argue with that because yes, I wouldn’t have started the company that I did if I didn’t believe that to some degree.

But I think there’s a line we all have to draw between changing what can be changed, and accepting what needs to be accepted. Because the sooner we can figure out the difference between the two, the sooner we can start accepting our current reality to build a better tomorrow.  

I think the billion dollar startup leaders have figured out how to do this incredibly well: quickly determining what needs to be accepted as constraints, what things can be changed in this world, and setting the company on that trajectory to build that bridge to the future.  

More skills I’d like to work on. 

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