Testosterone in Tech

It was a catchy title. What can I say.  But today, after a long hiatus, I was getting back into reading startup blogs, discovering new startup ish, and…other things of the sort.  When I realized what put me off in the first place a while back.  I had to wade through lots and lots of…well, let me just say it.  Stereotypical bravado.  How to raise $1M in 5 days.  How to Blow Through Millions of Dollars really really fast.  How to Make Sure Your Startup Doesn’t Die. LOTS of how to’s.

They read like the startup version of Cosmo magazine taglines.

Is it just me or do those titles make you want to gag? (Both Cosmo and startup ones equally).  What’s up with the whole doing everything on warp speed? To be fair, the content is actually pretty decent for the most part (not sure about Cosmo, but the startup ones definitely).  Which is why it’s worth getting through them.  But why do I have such a violent reaction to the way it’s presented to the world?

Why can’t we all just be normal and call a spade a spade? Most things in life are hard. Including this thing I’m going to talk to you about right now.  But hey, here’s some things I learned, hope it helps.

I just feel like the whole point isn’t to help people, it’s to sound really cool and make sure you read it.  Which, to be fair, is probably also why anyone would write something, myself included.  But I don’t know.  Something feels off to me. I can’t put my finger on it though.

Humility. I think that’s the word I’m looking for. A lack of humility.

Which, I think, is the whole criticism of Silicon Valley culture?

Still working on fleshing this one out and getting to the bottom of it.

Thoughts to be continued.

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