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I think I finally had an aha moment, a moment of clarity and realization.  The idea of “work- life balance” is a physical representation of a mental state. And that mental state relates to keeping life in perspective.

That’s the elusive word that I’ve been missing, that I think is the key to all keys, the meaning of how to be happy. It’s about perspective.  I talked about it before, but I forgot who, but someone (maybe my dad) was saying something about work, and balance, but really, it’s not about balance at all.  It’s about what’s inside your head, about having your life mentally balanced.  And by that, we mean, you have perspective.

Which now makes sense because people keep talking about this unicorn called work life balance.  And I’ve always held that it was slightly absurd, but I did believe there was some truth to it.  There was something there.  And that something is this idea that you always know that everything is going to be ok in the end.  And if it’s not ok, it’s probably not the end.  That, to me, is what perspective means.

If we always keep things in perspective, and nothing is too bad that we can’t come back from, and nothing is too devastating that we think there’s no point in moving on (note: there is ALWAYS a point in moving on) then we’ll be fine. Life will be fine.

In fact, if we get over ourselves and actually scale the to the top of the mountain and look down on this thing we call our lives, we’ll probably be quite impressed with it, devastations and all.

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