#TheDatingDiaries: Why You Should Never Talk To Your Grandpa About A Boy You May Or May Not Like #Copenhagen

So I’m here, in Copenhagen, with my grandpa and his girlfriend.  And I thought oh hey, lets just make some interesting (yet polite) conversation today.  Boys are always a fun topic and older people LOVE giving advice about it, lets see where this goes. WORST IDEA EVER.

Me: So Grandpa, I think I like this boy and I don’t know if he likes me. Probably not. I don’t know. And I don’t know what I should do.

Grandpa: Oh interesting. Hmmm. So what are you going to do?

Me: Well that’s what I’m saying, I don’t know! He doesn’t live in my city and I have no idea if he likes me and I mean I don’t even KNOW if I like him and I don’t know if it’s worth finding out, maybe I should just let it go.

Grandpa: Hmmm. Well, You know marriage is a very serious thing. You shouldn’t enter into it lightly.

Me: Wait, WHAT?! Uhhhh that’s…uhhhh huh?

Grandpa: Yes, you know nowadays, young people and their ideas about marriage, they are so crazy! I have realized over the years that I have very conservative views about marriage.

Grandpa’s Girlfriend: Wait, WHAT?! What are you saying? YOU never got married. WE aren’t married! Are you calling me a SLUT?!

Me: Grandpa, I think what you mean is that maybe you…uhhh…I mean…you know…I don’t think you mean that…..

Grandpa’s Girlfriend: YEAH- WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Grandpa: Well, you know. I mean, ok maybe I don’t have CONSERVATIVE views on marriage. But I’m saying maybe other people should do it. My life hasn’t been planned, it just…you know. It has gone. I never planned it.

Grandpa’s Girlfriend: BUT YOU’RE HAPPY WITH IT RIGHT?!

Grandpa: Of course! Of course I’m happy. I’m just saying maybe Anu, you should get married.  It’s a good thing. Even if I never did it.

Grandpa’s Girlfriend: Ok yes, I can agree with that. I married once, after I broke up with your grandfather, but maybe it was a bit hasty. It didn’t work out. You should definitely take it slow.

Me: uhhhh…..yes?

So I have to mention that my grandpa has a hearing aid that doesn’t really work all the time, in his defense.

That was an interesting breakfast.

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