The Future of Happiness

So this morning me and my roommate were talking about happiness, because that’s usually the sort of ish we like to discuss at 8:00am.  But I think we decided it has a lot to do with perspective. Looking at the big picture and see how far you’ve come in life.  Because otherwise you’re just thinking about how you’re not as good as you could be, which will always be true, but is also quite untrue, or at least really unproductive to obsess over.  I mean really though, what’s the point of thinking about all the ways in which you suck? Ok I can see how that would be productive for some time, but I feel like there needs to be this switch, maybe an automatic sensor, that switches over from the whole this is all the ways in which you can be better, to all the ways in which you’ve really come far in life and really you should be happy.

You know what the sad bit of it is? That I’m terrified that if I am not obsessing over how much I suck, I will start being happy and then I’ll stop caring that I can get better at things and then I’ll never get better at anything and then….I’ll stop being…successful? But you know what? How do we define success anyway? I’m tired of the conventional definition.  I think from henceforth, I am going to define success as being happy.  Which means that I am currently failing miserably. Ok ok ok not failing miserably, but I’m not acing this ish yet.

That’s right, more studying and practicing to do y’all.

7 thoughts on “The Future of Happiness”

  1. That’s a nice perspective… U got me thinking… The “pursuit of happiness “…… By ur definition.. Even I fail… Hope I’ll make some changes in this pursuit… Thanks


    1. Thanks so much! Yeah that’s what I was thinking about too…I feel like this has to end at least a little bit better than it currently is!


  2. I can completely relate to this. Once you stick your nose into the whole ‘i-want-to-accomplish-something’ mindset, you’ve never accomplished ENOUGH. i recently read your story on the web, quite inspiring, has got me thinking into returning to India myself #home


    1. Thanks so much! But yes, absolutely, then you start the whole, I need to keep doing things cycle. Not sure how to break it but hey, I guess the first step is realizing or something right? 🙂


  3. Measure of success? Is there really any “one” ruler with which to measure?
    But I can tell you this. Happiness IS a choice. It’s finding the blessings (silver lining, if you will) in all circumstances and being grateful. Even in the darkest time of my life I was able to find joy in the little things and be glad. It got me through some rough times. Best part is, the more you practice it, the more it becomes second nature. Just be happy, if for no other reason than you are breathing!


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