Travelog: Volume I

Apparently now that I’ve turned 28, I need to start loads and loads of traveling.  I don’t know why, it has just sort of happened all of a sudden actually.  A lot of it is work related, but more of it is just genuine curiosity for the unknown (and more disposable income + friends to do cool things with 🙂 Maybe my first 27 years were just getting my bearings (yes, it has taken me that long to figure things out) and I think now I can really start understanding other things, besides my own life.  I don’t know if that makes much sense at all, but that’s sort of the way I feel about it.  Dawn of a new era, I suppose.

Past Logs That I Still Need to Update:

  • Road Trip through Kashmir (June 12th-21st)
  • Sri Lanka (July 18th-21st)

The future:

  • Copenhagen: August 8th-13th
  • Southern California: August 14th-18th
  • San Francisco: August 19th-24th
  • Stockholm: August 25th-27th
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka : TBD
  • Manilla: TBD in September
  • Goa: December 23rd-27th

Lots of stuff ahead

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