#TheDatingDiaries: Reasons Why You Should Never Make A Man Checklist and Other Realizations

So since I’m getting serious about this whole finding a life parter thing I figured well, lets sit down and really THINK about what I’d want in someone.  It sounded like a logical thing to do.  Except, let me just say it quickly turned into the worst idea ever.  Because as I started listing things down I realized…I AM LISTING DOWN THE MALE VERSION OF MYSELF.  Literally.  Down to: likes hip hop and plays basketball. WTF. Which made me realize that either a) I’m incredibly narcissistic (quite possible) or b) THESE THINGS CAN’T BE LOGIC-ED YOUR WAY INTO BY GOD.  And now that I think about all my friends that made these lists, and I remember the people they ended up with (very happily I may add), I realize that very few lists actually matched.  Which, now, makes sense.

So chucking that idea.

Also.  I realized that I am a professional third wheel.  Like SO GOOD at just tagging along to things/inviting myself to things.  Having some skill in this is always useful, but when that is the majority of your social life…maybe not so much.

Conversation with my friend:

Sid: Anu, you said you were going to try and be more social, what are you doing RIGHT NOW- FRIDAY NIGHT? I’m checking in.

Anu: I am TOTALLY being social!  You should be so proud of me! I’m with my roommate and her boyfriend at her boyfriend’s house and we’re watching a movie and…

Sid: Wait, it’s just the 3 of you?

Anu: Yeah! They’re so cool!

Sid: So…how are you meeting new people? Isn’t THAT the point of being social?


Sid: Hello?

Anu: oh yeah. damn. this is harder than i thought.

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