The Future is Terrifying

I think the best things in life are both amazing and terrible. At sort of the same time.  I never get headaches (ok that is an utter lie and we all know it- most of them are stress induced) but I think I sort of started thinking about the future and it was terrifying. And exhilarating.  Simultaneously.  Except I think the terrifying part is what my brain is currently focusing on at the moment, much to my chagrin.  I feel like I go in and out of these stages of…creation? I suppose that’s what you can call it.

We all know that we are overloaded with information everyday, and the point is to try and figure out which we want to keep and which we want to toss out as utter faff.  I think as we get older, or maybe as we are moving into unfamiliar territory, it’s really difficult to distinguish the two.

I suppose that’s how you know you are growing, moving from one plateau to another (because I am convinced that growth is never exponential, just a multi-step function on a hopefully upward trend).  I suppose that’s called growing pains.  The uncertainty of the unknown. Tossing yourself up to the Gods, hoping that everything will end up ok.

And since I’ve recently marked my 28th year on Earth (which, for the record, I still don’t think is that long to be living), I think I’m moving into incredibly unfamiliar territory.  Sort of on every front of life. I know enough to know that I’ve been in the last phase too long, and I know enough to know how to start the ball rolling to move to the next step, which again, is both amazing. And terrifying. Because unfortunately, I know enough to know that I have absolutely no control over it. It goes where it needs to go. Unfortunately, I know enough to know that I will not be able to predict where it’s going to end up, or how it’s going to end up, or…anything really. That’s sort of how this life thing works.

But fortunately, I do know enough to know that it’ll be ok.  It always ends up ok. That’s also sort of how this life thing works.

Because if it’s not ok, then it’s probably not the end now is it.

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