So This One Time, I Fell In The Gap

I’m sure you’re always wondering why on public transportation public service announcements they always talk about “Mind The Gap”.  I mean the gap between the metro/subway and the platform.  And you’re thinking, WTF why would you keep saying that?

Let me tell you.  It’s because YOU CAN FALL INTO THE GAP.  I FELL INTO THE GAP.  For real. No joke.  Well, to be fair, my leg fell right through the gap in the Delhi Metro.  And it got stuck.  And I was thinking huh, that would suck if the metro started moving. And despite what Bollywood would have you believe, handsome rich men do not help you out.  Nice old fat ones do.  I mean I am thankful but it’s definitely not the best way to find a rich husband, in case you were wondering.  Just sayin.

My leg did not get amputated, and all that was really bruised was knee, thigh, and ego.  But you know, what’s new.

And now you know. That you really should mind the gap.

1 thought on “So This One Time, I Fell In The Gap”

  1. They announce that stuff? 😀 I read the beginning and went like woah, u were down below the train, struggling and writhing to get back on the platform. Then I went like ohh.


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