Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco, but I think a part of mine will always be in Mumbai.  Fact: did you know that your taste receptors actually make you taste differently once you know what you are tasting? (Blind vs. non-blind)- up to 20% different.  That’s a lot of difference.  I feel like that’s what Mumbai is for me. My blind vs. not blind test. There’s so much history here, good history I mean, that it’s always going to make me happy, every time I come here. No matter what ish is going on in life, or how crazy work is or whatever really.

In some ways I feel like I am witnessing the genesis of a new order, of a new world where the youth of today are giving the finger to the craziness of generations past and are re-creating what it means to really live. And I get to be a part of it.  The technological melting pot of societal backwardness mixed with the hope that only people with notions of a bright future can muster.

When I say that the future is going to be wonderful, people think I’m crazy.  But maybe, it’s not so crazy.  Maybe it’s just going to be a reimagined future that nobody really understands, but we are all, either consciously or subconsciously, working towards.

Maybe it’s just our generations collectively conscious freudian slip for the betterment of humanity.

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