Sometimes I sit at the airport and think of all the different types of people I can be.  There are the corporate ones that have everything in place, fashionably set, and you can tell they are on a path to doing things.  Then there are the family ones who are clearly vacationing and are rich in time, and don’t have to be anywhere real fast.  Then there are the women of leisure that just look like…this is where they live, for fun.  I’m off to Paris, because I want to. College kids who are itching to get home, or dreading going back. The Aunty’s and Mums who are clearly heading off to visit other family. 

And then there’s me. Not quite corporate. Not quite vacationing. Not quite leisurely. Not quite college. Not quite visiting. Not quite young. Not quite old.

Sort of like Goldilocks, but waiting to see what’s just right. 

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