fear, happiness


I think the word fearless is a misnomer, because that supposes that you live without fear.  I genuinely don’t think that’s possible, nor do I think that’s healthy.  I think fear is what keeps our mortality in check, it’s what keeps us thinking about reality.

The trick to be fearless, I think, is to learn how to live with it, and not let it dominate your life.  How do you acknowledge it every day, knowing that it’s right there, but choose not to give in to it? Choose to do something else, something that doesn’t stem from that dark place.

I think the most fearless people know how to look fear right between the eyes, and say, heya there, you’re welcome to stay, and I heard what you’ve got to say, but I’ve got a bunch of things to do right now.  So you can just chill, drink some chai, and wait.  We can check in tomorrow if you have anything else to say but uh..I got a lot to do. I hope you don’t mind.

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