happiness, Life

Good Days

On good days, I think…I stop thinking. I heard this idea that we are all spiritual beings going through a human experience and thought is basically the human part of us denying the essential goodness of life.

Crazy idea, what if we all stopped thinking for a bit, and started just feeling and experiencing? Surrendering to what will happen and having faith that things will work out as they should, whatever that “should” is?

Faith is such a funny word. It sounds insane, but if you look at society, most “sane” things we all do should technically be classified as insanity.  Shouldn’t self loathing be insane, technically?  Then why is it such a staple in our daily mental vernacular?

Do you think you can actually feel your soul? Growing bigger by feeding on happiness and getting smaller with the humanness trying to tear it down and keeping it trapped?

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