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About A Boy

I was thinking about it recently because most of the notes that I have kept on my wall of awesome have to do with me, talking about a boy, and my friends consoling me about my life choices.  Mostly terrible life choices, but you know, I don’t think anybody makes particularly spectacular life choices in this category. If you think about it, you only really need to make one really good life choice about a boy, and the rest are allowed to be really idiotically bad.  In fact, most of them tend to be really really bad in order to get to the one really good one.  Or so they say.

When my stomach is staging a mutiny, as it is right now, sometimes this is what I think about.  Not really about boys, but about how sometimes boys are a way to connect to your friends in a very human way.  I went to a comedy show yesterday and I think the funniest material the guy had was around how he was single and how he got rejected so often.  I think it’s funny because it’s so relatable. It’s so human.  We’ve all been through it.

Sometimes boys and girls and the relationships that exist in between them can break and become really messy (bordering tragically awful), but if you think about the equilibrium of life, most of the time, your relationships with other people probably get stronger.  Maybe with people you didn’t even think about before. Your support network, new and old.

And if you think about it in that way, in the conservation of energy sort of way, the circle of life and relationships sort of way, it all works out pretty neat actually.

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