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Learning to Breathe

I’ve been reading more about this, and I found out that most of the world’s population breathe incorrectly.  Which I am almost positive includes me.  I have realized that I don’t even know how to breathe right.  (I’ve been Googling it and it’s still hard to figure it out- oh wait, yup, this article pretty much confirms it, I suck at breathing.  But probably going to do more digging and ask professionals, because I’m a nerd like that).

But it makes you wonder.  If you don’t even know how to do the most basic function of LIFE correctly, what else are we unconsciously doing sub-optimally?  What else are we doing that we don’t even know could be better?  It’s crazy right?

I’m beginning to think it’s all the little things that we can slightly alter about our most basic routines and functions we perform on a daily basis (the unsexy stuff essentially) that has the biggest impact on our lives.

And at a higher level, I am beginning to think that’s how life works.  Most of the time, change starts with doing something super basic many times over to create powerful habits that really make huge positive changes in our lives.

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