You’ve Got Mail

It’s funny, remember the days when you actually looked forward to getting mail in your inbox?  Yes, I do happen to be watching the Meg Ryan Tom Hanks classic as I sip lemon tea and experience a post aerial yoga high (pun intended).  But your email inbox used to be a sacred place where you got communications from people you actually cared about, before work came and usurped this territory and made it a glorified to do list.  I dread looking at my inbox in the morning.  At its best it tells you that nothing is falling apart (yet) and at its worst it warns you of impending doom.

My roommate actually sends hand written notes and post cards to people.  It’s so cool.  Once she was teaching me calligraphy and I sent the practice page to my dad.  It said I Love My Dad.  In terrible calligraphy.

I still love stationary and write in notebooks.  I carry 3 with me at all times, and in all honesty I feel naked without them.  One for journaling, one for random life ideas, and one for business ideas.  I use all 3 religiously.

That is all.

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