One thing I’m pretty positive about is that even more than exercise, food is what dictates how healthy you will be.  Food, and food habits.  Which is why it was shocking and eye opening to be back in California for two weeks and realize how hard it is to eat stuff I feel comfortable with over there.

And by comfortable with, I mean stuff that has less than 5 ingredients in it, and doesn’t cost a million dollars.  I don’t think I used to be this paranoid about what goes into my body, but the more I learn about how the world works, the more I don’t trust most things.  Including but not limited to: FDA approvals, pharmaceutical companies, the cosmetic industry, and anything that goes through a company with more than 10K employees (i.e. at that point, I’m pretty positive they have lobbyists in Washington getting their stuff done).

Until I research this stuff on my own, I don’t trust it.  That’s pretty much where I’m at right now.

To explain my out of body experience with California, I think I need to explain India.  In India, it’s actually cheaper to buy unprocessed food.  Let me say that again.  In India, healthier food is actually cheaper. I think it’s because labor is cheap, manufacturing plants are expensive, meaning farm to plate is actually cheaper.  If you are interested in cooking food that doesn’t use billions of gallons of butter and cream (i.e. meaning food tastes like crap, but at least it’s easy to find).  I’m down with cardboard tasting food, as long as I know what went into it.

Now let me explain California.  WHOLE FOODS.  Why the hell is food with less than 5 ingredients 10x the cost of processed stuff? That makes no sense.  How does that work?  Why does “tomato sauce” have 500 calories? IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE TOMATOES.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.

I don’t know. It’s just kind of crazy.  I don’t have answers, just more questions.

Adding to the to-do list.

Also, happy to be back in Bangalore where things make more sense in my life.

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