The Graveyard of Relationships Forgot

That’s what it feels like when I come to the Bay Area.  It’s sort of like going back to a warzone, (a warzone which you fled), and you’ve come back to witness all the pieces that you just left behind.  It’s sort of sad, because you realize all the things that are so different, the life you used to have, the things you used to do.  But mostly it feels somewhat like a graveyard, where relationships went to die.   But then you wonder if those relationships were going anywhere in the first place? Just because they worked before, does that mean they should work now? And then again, did they ever really work well? Maybe the exceptional ones, the ones where both parties changed at the same rate, and in a similar sort of fashion, ended up working out?  It’s hard to say.

But then there’s the flip side of the graveyard.  The Garden.  Where you have people that you weren’t really close to before, but suddenly you have way more in common than you ever knew. Or maybe it’s less about having things in common and more about just spending more time with different people in different settings.  It’s a funny thing, the people you chose to hang out with. Sometimes it’s very random, sometimes it’s done on purpose. But either way, those are the people that end up informing your life outlook.

I don’t know how I feel about the graveyard, or the garden. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though- that’s just the mass balance of life.

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