The Inland Empire (Vol II)

I’m home randomly for the weekend before I go to New York City- TED Talk! Excited.  But you know what’s also exciting? The Inland Empire.  Taking a page from my roommate’s talks (yes I am a fangirl of Alicia Souza), I started noticing things.  Within 3 hours I saw:

  • 3 advertisements for “Bare n Legal Showgirls”- apparently that’s a big thing now. Regular ones weren’t enough, The IE likes the Barely Legal kind.
  • A drug deal go down- that’s what they use bus stops for now! Multitasking
  • An Amish family- I swear to God my parents and I were out eating lunch and there was an Amish family in the restaurant! It makes no sense to me either but that’s what I saw.  OR a family going out to a really weird costume party at 12 noon…
  • A new store called “IMPLANTS”
  • Lots of weird children running around the restaurant which…actually..seemed a lot like me and my brother when we were little. Oh god. Karma.

I’ve also been watching lots of glorious trashy TV (because my roommate judges me when I watch it in the apartment).  Man, America knows how to get real trashy.  Jersey Shore was nothing compared to My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.  Just sayin.

It’s home, what can I say.  Gotta love it.


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